The Fountain

What is the Eco Pool Drain Fountain?

The Eco Pool Drain Fountain easily connects to your pool's 1.5" or 2" filter/pump waste water outlet. It disperses water into the air like a giant fountain. Traditional methods direct one large powerful steam of water directly into your landscaping which can cause severe soil erosion.  The Eco Pool Drain "Fountain" gently returns the water back to the earth where it is absorbed. NOTE: The chemicals found in pool water are prohibited from entering storm sewers or waterways. US and Internationally Patent Pending

The Story

During the summer of 2011, my wife and I finally decided to install an in-ground pool. It happened to be a wet summer that year and I had to frequently release the excess water from our pool. In doing so I quickly became aware of how powerful the force from the waste water hose can be as it destroyed my landscaping.  So, I decided to go my local pool store and purchase what I thought would be the missing part of my pool. I was surprised to hear that every store I visited was familiar with the problem, yet no solution was readily available. So, out of frustration, I invented the Eco Pool Drain Fountain.

In 2013, we exhibited our product for the first time at the Atlantic City Pool & Spa Show. There we were interviewed and featured on the front page of a Pool & Spa web magazine. Today we have many testimonials from pool professionals and have been recently featured in a well know industry blog.

A Look at Our Fountain

Lowering your pool's water level used to mean wrestling with the infamous blue wastewater hose and unleashing all of the water flooding into your backyard—turning your landscape into a swamp.

Of course you can hire a contractor to plumb the wastewater into your home’s sanitary sewer line, dig a dry well, or build an elaborate rock garden to run your hose over, but those take time and can be costly.

The Eco Pool Drain Fountain is the safest and easiest way to lower your pool's water level  or drain your pool. It’s eco-friendly, affordable, maintenance free, and easy to install.

All you have to do is hook your wastewater hose up to the Eco Pool Drain Fountain and you’re done!  The Eco Pool Drain Fountain will disperse your pool water evenly and safely wherever you choose to lay the Eco Pool Drain down.