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How to Lower Your Pool Water Level and Backwash Your Swimming Pool Filter without Flooding Your Backyard

Your Swimming Pool We all love hanging out by the pool and having fun with our family, relaxing in the water, and enjoying your home on a nice sunny day. Between picking which restaurant the kids can all agree on, and taking your dog to the groomers, your pool is one of the last things on…

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What Pool Professionals are saying about the Eco Pool Drain “Fountain” for Sand & Cartridge Filtration Systems?

Long Ignored Problem – Finally Solved THE ECO POOL DRAIN “FOUNTAIN” SOLUTION IS FOR SAND OR CARTRIDGE FILTERED SYSTEMS ONLY. IT IS NOT DESIGNED TO USE WITH DE (DIATOMACEOUS EARTH) FILTERED POOLS We recently exhibited the Eco Pool Drain “Fountain” at the Atlantic City Pool & Spa Show. There we were interviewed and featured on the front page of Pool & Spa web magazine and…

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